About Our Online Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy was created to help people living in Canada, US and abroad to buy medicines with familiar names at the lower price. All these medicines you can buy without a prescription and get away from «doctor-pharmacy» system when necessary means can be purchased only if you have doctor’s prescription.

Our online pharmacy allows you to choose the right tool, not imposed by pharmacists or advertising. In addition, «our» medicines are less often forged and there is no danger of getting a «dummy» (placebo) instead of active substance. Drugs from our pharmacy will suit those who do not receive sufficient compensation from an insurance company and prefer to immediately save on the cost.

My Canadian Pharmacy has a wide range of drugs for constant and urgent admission, for children, adults and elderly people. My Canadian Pharmacy also provides vitamins, homeopathic and other means. All drugs are constantly available. If you need some rare medicine, we will help you, just contact us and describe the problem. You can order necessary medicine at any time convenient for you.
Medications Online in My Canadian Pharmacy

Why Buy Drugs in My Canadian Pharmacy Online?

Diverse List of Products

Practically in every online pharmacy assortment of medicines is very wide. You can buy even such generic drugs in Canada that stationary pharmacy can offer very rarely or not at all. We advise, if necessary, to visit My Canadian Pharmacy website which has lots of medications for all occasions.

Making Orders at Any Time

In My Canadian Pharmacy, you can order necessary medicine when only you wish. The pharmacy does not have a certain mode of operation. We are open around the clock.

Convenience of Order

In our online pharmacy, you can learn in detail, without undue haste, an instruction to purchased medication. No one will hurry you, and you will not take away any extra time from anyone.

Time Expenditure

You will not waste time on the way to get to the nearest pharmacy. Sometimes, it is not at all close. And it is unlikely that during illness someone will have a desire to make any trips to the pharmacy.

Price for Medicines

Selling prices for medicines on the Internet are generally lower than in stationary pharmacies. After all, there are much less additional costs. For example, you do not have to pay a penny for renting a room.

Convenience of Delivery

Any drug ordered in My Canadian Pharmacy is delivered in any convenient way. You can use services of a courier, and if you want – resort to help of airmail and receive in the post office. If the client chooses courier services, then convenient time and place of delivery can be negotiated in advance. This is very convenient when an order is made by a person who, due to illness, cannot reach pharmacy or if the family has children, and there is no one to leave them with.


Some suffer from intimate problems that they would not want to tell about. In this regard, My Canadian Pharmacy is very convenient.

Do not forget that on the Internet, no one is immune from deception and fakes. Therefore it is better to deal with proven «Internet establishments». To do this, you can read reviews, chat in forums, talk with people who have already dealt with ordering drugs through the network.