Affymetrix – Platform for DNA Microchips

Affymetrix - Platform for DNA MicrochipsThe Affymetrix platform is a comprehensive solution for high-throughput genetic analysis based on the hybridization of fluorescently-labeled genome fragments with oligonucleotide DNA probes attached to a solid support (DNA microarray technology). These solutions are widely used for basic and applied research of DNA (for genotyping) and RNA (for analyzing gene expression). DNA chip format: cartridges, plates or strips.

A hybridization DNA chip is a solid surface on which DNA oligonucleotides of a given sequence (the so-called probes) are applied by photolithographic synthesis. Probes can hybridize to complementary regions of DNA, cDNA or RNA fragments that have been previously labeled with special fluorescent molecules. Hybridization of probes with the target NA is determined by detecting fluorescence or chemiluminescence.

By specifying the desired sequence of DNA probes, you can design chips for detecting almost any DNA sequences, determining point polymorphisms (SNP), analyzing the copy number of any genome regions (CNV), determining the species of DNA, as well as analyzing gene expression, for genome-wide analysis, molecular karyotyping , oncology.

The wide range of DNA chips for agrogenetics are of particular note: identification and certification of varieties and breeds of agricultural plants and animals, as well as for DNA screening of selection markers during crossing and identification of inherited pathologies.

DNA chips for GWAS genotyping in cartridge format for genome-wide search for genetic markers associated with hereditary human diseases (GWAS genotyping). The kit includes reagent kits that allow you to analyze in one experiment from 10,000 (Human Mapping) to 1.8 million (Genome-Wide) genetic markers (common and rare point polymorphisms, copy number analysis, CNV).

Axiom chips for GWAS genotyping in the format of plates of 800,000 markers for personal medicine for the analysis of hereditary diseases, genetic predisposition to immune, inflammatory, oncological and other diseases, phenotypic blood testing, pharmacogenomics, etc.

They are applied for:

  • biobanks, incl. HLA typing for transplantology;
  • the analysis of polymorphisms in protein-coding regions of the human genome;
  • genotyping of various human populations (European, African, Latin American, East Asian);
  • analysis of microRNA binding sites;
  • genetic analysis of microorganisms’ communities;
  • targeted genotyping of the human genome of various formats (24, 96, 384 wells), containing custom panels of polymorphisms.

Chips for genotyping other living organisms:

  • for point genotyping and analysis of gene expression of Arabidopsis thaliana;
  • to analyze the dog’s genome, in particular, to determine the purebredness;
  • for the analysis of the genome of laboratory mice of various strains.

Chips for the analysis of farm animals and plants:

  • species-specific panels for genotyping apple, corn, wheat, strawberries, cotton, cattle and small ruminants, poultry, horses, pigs, etc., as well as custom panels;
  • panels for detecting single nucleotide polymorphisms, CNVs and chromosomal aberrations in the human genome;
  • kits for detecting chromosomal aberrations, somatic mutations and CNV in histological preparations for oncological studies;
  • mitochondrial DNA sequencing reagents;
  • reagent for pharmacogenetic analysis.

Affymetrix products for RNA (gene expression) analysis:

  • 3 ‘IVT Expression Profiling reagents for constructing an expression profile of various living organisms – humans, mice, rats, etc.;
  • for the analysis of the expression of human genes – more than 8,500 sequences verified by NCBI RefSeq, 10,000 full-length genes and more than 47,000 transcripts for the analysis of gene expression in the mouse or rat organism;
  • new generation reagents for constructing the expression profile of the human, mouse, and rat transcriptome, which also make it possible to identify alternative splicing or long non-coding RNAs.

Equipment for sample preparation and work with chips

  1. Nimbus – automatic station for sample preparation when working with Axiom chips – DNA amplification, fragmentation, purification, hybridization and staining; sample preparation after PCR. Sample preparation can be done automatically using the Beckman Coulter Biomek FX station.
  2. GeneTitan is an automated platform for SNP genotyping and gene expression analysis on Axiom microarrays in Array Plates format. The platform offers two instruments – a single-channel GeneTitan for gene expression analysis and a multichannel GeneTitan MC for gene expression analysis and genotyping.
  3. GeneAtlas is designed for gene expression analysis; works with chips in strip format.
  4. GeneChip – for working with DNA chips in cartridge format, includes a full set of equipment (scanner, sample preparation station, hybridization oven, PC with special software).

DNA microarray analysis software: for analyzing the human genome, communities of microorganisms (microbiome), targeted SNP genotyping, exporting data to the Council of Dairy Cattle Breeding database, analyzing SNP genotyping results using a graphical interface , chromosomal aberrations, gene expression and transcriptome analysis.