My Canadian Pharmacy about Main Symptoms of Depressive Disorders

At each person symptoms of depression appear at least once in life. A depression is a mental disorder which is followed by a working capacity loss, the decrease in mood and violation of thinking (this notion is known as “pressing triad”). In such state, the self-assessment of the person reduces considerably. Sometimes the person resorts to alcoholic drinks or narcotic substances to raise it. Of course, depression is possible to be treated, but at depression, the patient addresses to psychiatrists very seldom.

Statistically today the depression is observed in 10% of the earth population. Due to the lability of mental condition of women pathology is observed most often after 40 years. It is connected with failures in hormonal background and climax approach.

It is difficult to reveal disease symptoms timely because more than a half of patients hide them. People have a fear of antidepressants prescription but the antidepressants of My Canadian Pharmacy, for example, Prozac are of high quality and have no side effects at all. There is also fear that the mental diagnosis will become known to the employer and the person will lose work. Thus, the depression can be carried to social diseases, along with obesity and diabetes. Questions of screening of depressive violations have to be assigned to a therapeutic medical link. At diagnostics, it is important to know symptoms of depressions.

depressive violations

Main Symptoms of Depressive Disorders

To reveal depression symptoms it is difficult to be guided only by patient’s complaints. For diagnosis’s verification, the test and medical assessment of symptoms of a state are used.

At a conversation with the patient the psychologist or the psychotherapist reveal the following criteria:

  • mood decrease;
  • feeling of fatigue;
  • concern increase;
  • an absence of desires and interests;
  • the decrease in sexual interest;
  • frequent nervousness and photophobia;
  • negligent relation to personal hygiene and daily duties;
  • a constant need for rest;
  • irritability, concern and nervous tension.

The above-described symptoms are just the beginning of the list. If it lasts long, it may lead to manias.

To define fast approach to phobias and manias the doctor has to be guided by the presence at the patient of the following symptoms:

  • the accelerated course of thought process;
  • euphoria and mood raising;
  • excessive garrulity and new ideas;
  • increase in activity and energy;
  • frequent changes in the sphere of reality perception;
  • impatience and the increased irritability;
  • strengthening of alcohol and drugs consumption;
  • conflictness;
  • increase of sexual interest;
  • the strengthened expenditure of money;
  • alarm and concern;
  • attention violation.


Along with the early symptoms allowing to reveal depression, there are still additional “soft” bipolar symptoms. They are understood as symptoms which demonstrate depressive violations at patient’s relatives or in his own history several years prior to the address.

Therapy by lithium at the patient’s relatives, family predisposition to an illness, mental disorders at third generations of a family, maniacal frustration at the reception of antidepressants belongs to such symptoms. Not to put at risk all your family and your own mental health it is necessary to command the service of My Canadian Pharmacy ordering Prozac via this service.

It is significant to understand that many of early symptoms which are used for depression diagnosis are manifestations of person’s normal activity. The emergence of pathology is most probable if at the person the maximum number of symptoms for a long time is shown.
Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand, depressive violations are shown differently at elderly and young people, and also at men and women.

How to Define Depressive Violations at Teenagers

Depressive violations at teenagers are manifested with irritability prevalence, but not oppression of mood. They are hostile to surrounding people. Such young people have inexplicable painful feelings at a normal clinical picture and researches’ results.
If not to reveal pathology at an initial stage, then the teenager will have problems at school, in a family. He will be inclined to the abuse drugs and alcoholic drinks. A teenage depression is treated rather easily, but it is important to reveal it in due time.

Depressive Violation in Elderly People

Such changes in life as loss of relatives, serious illness at elderly people lead to a depression. Of course, they are more shown at people who are deprived of support. Depressive violations aren’t a normal component of the aging process of an organism. Specifics of symptoms of pathology at the advanced age – complaints to physical indispositions. It is important in due time to reveal them to exclude the risk of suicide.

Depressive Violations at Men

Though the statistics demonstrate that the depression is a destiny of women, but a strong half is subject to the disease as well. It doesn’t characterize weakness of men at all and is considered to be an independent disease. The suppressed men much rarer recognize hatred in themselves. It is not important what reasons provoke it. If the man complains of lack of interest in hobbies, work and usual daily occupations, then it is necessary to prick up the ears concerning presence at him of depressive violations. In addition, aggression, anger and even violence joins are the general symptoms of pathology in men. Command the service of My Canadian Pharmacy to provide yourself with highly qualified help.

Depressive Violations at Women

At women, the depression arises twice more often than in representatives of strong half of mankind. Partly it depends on numerous hormonal failures, climacteric menopause after 40 years. Representatives of fair sex half of mankind often endure fault, overeat and quickly gain weight. On this background, the probability of affective disorders increase.