My Canadian Pharmacy about Metabolic Syndrome and Erectile Dysfunction

The metabolic syndrome represents a group of risk factors which increase the probability of development of CVD and diabetes of the 2nd type. It is characterized by an abdominal form of obesity, hyperlipidemia, violation of glucose tolerance, hypertension and resistance to insulin. The metabolic syndrome is associated with the increase of levels of pro-inflammatory markers, endothelial dysfunction and increase in cases moderate and heavy erectile dysfunction in men senior to 50 years. Moreover, erectile dysfunction can be the predecessor of metabolic syndrome in men. If you do not have a desire to come across with such notions you are welcome on My Canadian Pharmacy to order drugs necessary for treatment of this or that disorder.

With the growth of the number of metabolic syndrome components the frequency of organic erectile dysfunction increased. Besides, as it was reported earlier, triple increase in the prevalence of hyperlipidemia is noted, and incidence of hyperlipidemia increased with the growth of a number of metabolic syndrome components. Identification of close connection between a metabolic syndrome and hyperlipidemia has led to the emergence of the assumption that replacement therapy by testosterone can be applied as a treatment option. However, today proofs demonstrate that treatment needs to be begun with correction of living way.

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In one research examination of 35 men keeping to the Mediterranean diet (rich with whole grain, fruit, vegetables, bean, nuts and olive oil), and 30 people of a control group was conducted. In all men, the metabolic syndrome and erectile dysfunction have been revealed. To men of the first group detailed advice on food has been given, target indicators are established, and with the meetings in small groups for individual support were monthly held. Men of control group have been given the general information on healthy food in an oral and written form, but without individual communication.

In 2 years indicators of endothelial function and markers of an inflammation have considerably improved in the main group, unlike control group. At 13 men in a group of active treatment, in comparison with two in control group, on the international index of erectile function, the result has made 22 points and above. In the same group considerable decrease in the level of glucose, insulin, LDL, triglycerides and arterial pressure at a significant increase. Initially at fourteen men in a group of active treatment violation of tolerance to glucose, and at six – diabetes have been revealed, but for the 2nd year of research, their number has decreased to 8 and 3 people respectively. My Canadian Pharmacy points out that it is necessary to treat erectile dysfunction in time or beforehand to prevent severe ramifications appearance.

These data produce the evidence that correction of multiple risk factors positively influences the risk of development by both erectile dysfunction, and IBS. The communication revealed between inflammatory markers and their changes in erectile dysfunction / IBS and treatment is potentially important.